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Information about Värmland, Sweden 

Värmland in Sweden is a province in Sweden par excellence where you can enjoy yourself in every season of the year. Värmland in Sweden has a rich history and beautiful nature with forests and lakes, Välkommen till Värmland i Sverige!

If you are looking for peace and quiet in nature while staying in a unique part of Sweden with tranquil lakes hidden between spruce and pine trees, or want to visit cozy villages with beautiful churches and nice shops - in the vast Värmland region of Sweden you will find a unique experience to experience this.

Your visit to Värmland is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience thanks to its nature and rich fauna. There are beavers and moose while exploring the forests of Värmland and if you are very lucky you may encounter the rare white moose that has only been sighted in this region. Holiday home Silltal is located in the west of Värmland near the border of Norway and the province of Dalsland.

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