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Renting a house in Sweden, about our house in Sweden:

Sweden has been our favorite holiday destination for years and we travel a lot through Sweden. In 2002 we bought a beautifully situated piece of land on a hill at the edge of a forest on Lake Ostra Silen. Here, at the end of our access road, we had a holiday home built in Sweden.

Unique location: 
As soon as we arrive at Silltal after our trip and get out of the car, we immediately experience the tranquility of the overwhelming nature. In the house and from the spacious veranda we enjoy the beautiful unobstructed view of the lake and the surrounding area every day. The house is comfortably furnished and fully equipped. In autumn, winter and spring, the wood-burning stove creates a pleasant atmosphere in the living room. From the house you can step straight into nature and from July we like to be in the forest looking for chanterelles and blueberries and we prepare these delicious forest fruits with dinner. We like to walk in the woods behind the house or in the nearby Glaskogen nature reserve. Boating on the lake and a picnic on one of the islands in Lake Ostra Silen is also one of our favorite activities. In winter we enjoy the snow, walking in the woods and other winter activities such as ice fishing and cross-country skiing. Holiday home Silltal is beautifully situated in the countryside, where it is still so intensely dark that on clear evenings you can admire thousands of stars. Or sometimes the moon reflecting in the water surface of the lake. After a wonderful relaxation in the sauna, there is nothing better than enjoying it to the full from the terrace

How our "holiday home in Sweden" adventure started in 2003......
After years of camping in Sweden and lovers of Swedish nature and culture, we started looking for our own holiday home in 2000. We thought it would be ideal to get to know nature and Sweden better from our own place with the children. Before camping holidays, we screened the real estate agents' websites and then looked at houses near a lake during the holiday near the campsite.

In 2002 we stayed at a large campsite with a swimming pool in Arjang. Our attention was drawn to nice wooden picnic benches made of logs at the campsite that were made by a local contractor. The campsite reception showed us the way to the workshop on the Arjäng industrial estate and we met an experienced craftsman who built houses and picnic benches from logs.

At that time he was also building a log house nearby where we went to look together. Unfortunately, that was a bit too far away from a lake. Fortunately, he had an acquaintance who he knew would be selling lots of land later that year. The contractor put us in touch with the landowner. At that time we were still waiting for permission from the province of Värmland, but fortunately we were the first to be contacted by the landowner to be able to purchase a plot from him.

In 2003, the permit was issued to the landowner and the daughter sent us photos and information by email. Because we could not look there ourselves at the time, we asked a then acquaintance from Trollhättan to do it for us. Within a week he had been there and he called back: “You're crazy if you don't buy this,” he said and that turned out to be true. We immediately contacted the land owner and we agreed to come and view and buy quickly.

We went there in October 2003 and met the landowner. We were the first buyers and we chose the most beautiful spot for our house where it still stands: on top of the hill with a beautiful unobstructed view over the lake Ostra Silen at the end of our own access path. In the following years, a few more houses were built and we had neighbors from Norway and Switzerland, among others.

Construction of our house started in early 2004 and in May 2004 the house was officially transferred to us so that we could furnish it and in June of that year we welcomed our first guest, a well-known Dutchman. Because when we are not there ourselves, we like to share the house with family, friends and others who want to go on holiday to Sweden.

Now 20 years have passed, the children are grown and over the past 20 years we have enjoyed the unobstructed view, the beautiful surroundings, nature and beautiful excursions in the area but also to elsewhere in Sweden, where our house Silltal has always been the base. of happy holidays.........

This was a journey of 20 years as a holiday home in Sweden in all seasons of the year, thanks to the beautiful nature, beautiful places and beautiful people we met during our trip……., on to the next 20 years.

Talo & Jeanet
spring 2024

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