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Information over Glaskogen in Värmland, Sweden

Glaskogen nature reserve in enVärmland, Sweden is the ideal environment to enjoy in any season of the year. Glaskogen in Värmland, Sweden has a rich history. Until the 1970s, there were still fields and small farms here and there until it was declared a nature reserve and nature was given completely free rein. It is a beautiful nature reserve with forests, rivers and lakes, and also lots of wildlife, Välkommen till Värmland i Sverige!

If you are looking for peace and quiet in nature while staying in a beautiful piece of wilderness with tranquil lakes in the vast region of Värmland, Sweden, then you will find the unique experience here. Glaskogen nature reserve is located in the province of Värmland with extensive forests and lakes and many kilometers of hiking trails. This beautiful part of the country is sometimes called Sweden's southernmost wilderness.

A beautiful area where many wild animals can be found. Glaskogen and its surroundings offer a real wilderness feeling and it is the largest nature reserve in the province of Värmland. Holiday home Silltal is located near this beautiful area and you can walk and canoe for several days or opt for shorter day trips. More information about the Glaskogen nature reserve in Värmland, Sweden: